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CNN Reports New World-Record $10 Million Domain Sale

By on March 11, 2008

Big news in the domain industry today! Clek Media Inc. announced today via CNN Money that it has brokered the world-record sale of the domain Fund.com for an all-cash transaction of $9,999,950!

The buyer of the Fund.com domain name is now aptly named Fund.com Inc., a New York based firm previously known as Meade Technologies Inc.

Former Record Holder

Guinness World Records books reports the previous record holder to be the purchase of Business.com for $7.5 million in 1999. There was alot of controversy and skepticism regarding domain names and how they could possibly warrant these multi-million dollar price tags.

Amazingly enough, just eight years later in July of 2007 the Business.com company was sold to yellow pages publisher, RH Donnelly, for $345 million, 47 times the original purchase price.

Domaining In the Public Eye

Top domain name sales stories will slowly continue to hit the front pages of the most popular financial publications around the world. Investors will start taking serious interest, much more so than they already have. More and more generic domain portfolios will go public.

Exciting times to be a domainer! It’s almost like having a second chance to go back to 1998 and start buying domains with Frank Schilling, Kevin Ham and the Castello Brothers. OK, so it’s not quite that awesome… but we, as domainers, are one step ahead of those just now entering the business of buying, selling and monetizing domain names.

Highest Official Domain Sales Prices

Take a look at this list below and you will notice one thing really stands out. Over half of these sales prices and bids were made in 2007. Does this mean that 2008 will bring even higher premium domain sales? It’s almost guaranteed.

Fund.com                 9,999,950         2008
Porn.com                 9,500,000         2007
Business.com             7,500,000         1999
Diamond.com              7,500,000         2006
Beer.com                 7,000,000         2007
Asseenontv.com           5,100,000         2000
Seo.com                  5,000,000         2007
Auction.com              4,500,000         Reserve 2007
Dermatology.com          4,500,000         Reserve 2007
HorseRacing.com          4,500,000         Reserve 2007
Slots.com                4,500,000         Reserve 2007
PuertoRico.com           3,500,000         Reserve 2007
Shop.com                 3,500,000
Altavista.com            3,300,000         2002
Creditcheck.com          3,000,000         2007
Scotland.com             3,000,000         Reserve 2007
Student.com              3,000,000         Reserve 2007
Vodka.com                3,000,000         2006
Wine.com                 2,900,000         1999
CreditCards.com          2,750,000         2004
PressReleases.com        2,500,000         Reserve 2007

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