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World Domain Cup Releases Top 100 Proposed New gTLD Extensions By Vote

By on March 15, 2010

The World Domain Cup contest has just released a report on the top 100 most voted for potential gTLD (top-level domains).

Japanese internet service provider, Interlink is hosting a quirky large scale contest. Pick the right gTLD and you could win a revenue share of the first year of new domain registrations as well as a piece of $10,000.

Interlink is prepared to invest in a single gTLD when ICANN gives the go-ahead, so they have created the WDC to help select their gTLD.

WDC votes do not necessarily matter, Interlink will be making a selection they feel will be the most successful. However, it is interesting to see which future domains are getting the most votes.

.WEB has the most votes (350), followed by .EARTH (#2) and .LOVE (#3) with a little less than 250 votes each.

.WORLD (#4) and .ORZ (#5) has received about 145 votes, this seems to be a Japanese emoticon.

.BLOG ranks #6 with about 120 votes.

.WWW (Yes, as a TLD) has received about 75 wasted votes.

.MOE (#8) must be a popular name because it too received about 75 votes.

.HOME (#9) and .FREE (#10) round out the top 10 proposed gTLDs with a little over 50 votes in the WDC. For more, check out the Top 100.

.GAME (#11) and .LIFE (#12) both received a little less than 50 votes.

.XXX and .STAR have tied for position #13 with about 33 votes each, what a coincidence.


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