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Yoast’s Definitive Guide to WordPress SEO

By on June 12, 2008

Joost De Valk, a leader in WordPress plugin development, has recently re-launched his blog under a new brand name “Yoast” which is how his name is phonetically pronounced. With the launch of Yoast.com comes an amazing WordPress SEO guide.

Visit: The Definitive Guide to High Rankings for Your Blog

While I must admit I have not read completely through the article due to it’s comprehensive nature. Virtually everything you could possibly imagine related to optimizing your WordPress based website is included.

The guide is broken down into 7 main optimization points:

  1. Basic Technical Optimization
  2. Template Optimization
  3. Advanced Technical Optimization
  4. Altering Your Blog’s Structure for High Rankings
  5. Conversion Optimization
  6. Comment Optimization
  7. Off Site Blog SEO

This is a must read for anyone serious about the success of their blog!

If you like Joost’s WordPress SEO guide then you will love his professional and extremely useful WordPress Plugins. I especially recommend the RSS Footer plugin for anyone who’s blog content is being syndicated elsewhere.


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