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WordPress Shopping Cart: Fully Functional Market Theme

By on March 4, 2008

WordPress Market is an innovative WordPress theme that is going to revolutionize your WordPress blogs and projects! Developed by Revive, a leader in WordPress theme development. This amazingly affordable product goes beyond styling to deliver a fully functional storefront that you can plug right into your WordPress powered blog!

Example Sites: I have developed several online businesses using WordPress Market shopping cart theme and I love it just as much as my website visitors.  Check out WordFuse.com and AQDN.com.  Note: I did make simple changes to the look and feel of the original template files.

Or visit MarketTheme to check out the official demo.


WordPress Market is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to manage! Packed with features and guaranteed updates, your small purchase investment could be earned back within your first sale or two.My regular readers know I am a big WordPress fanatic. I am looking forward to promoting the Market Theme and using it to easily build out my portfolio of online businesses with ease.

WordPress Market Theme Features

  • Form & Function – The market theme was designed to focus on its functionality as opposed to its design. The theme is intended to be customized to meet the needs of its specific store. A minimalist design which is easy to customize.
  • Hassle Free Integration – Using your admin email as specified in the WordPress settings the buy now button will forward all payments to you. Just click and activate like any other theme.
  • Easy to Use Custom Fields – The theme uses multiple custom fields for inputting product images, pricing and custom options within a normal WordPress post.
  • Thumbnail Generator – Code included and setup for you so thumbnails are all generated at the right sizes.
  • Fancyzoom for Image Viewing – In use for product thumbnails on the single post and product view page for full size image viewing.
  • Download Packs and Upgrades – Download the standard Market theme install or a few other custom packages, such as one with the “buy now” option replaced with a “add to cart” option powered by FatFreeCart.

You can purchase WPMarket through DotSauce now for only $55!



$55 USD

$150 USD


Unlimited, Free

Unlimited, Free







Ideal for:

Sole owner who wants to run a marketplace on one site or maybe a few of their sites.

Designer and developer who wishes to build off of the Market theme as part of client work.

Buy Now:

Click Here for Complete Details
from Developer and to Purchase Market Theme.


The theme requires WordPress 2.0+.

You will receive an email with the download location and password instantly after your payment has been received. My sincere thanks in advance for your purchase, I know you will love it!

I would be willing to answer any questions you might have, please leave a comment below.


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