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Innovative Use of WordPress: The WordPress Link Directory

By on November 11, 2008

This will be the first in a series of posts devoted to highlighting new and interesting ways people are using WordPress.  I already have at least 3 amazing uses of WordPress lined up that you probably have never seen before and are sure to spark your interest.  So stay tuned, subscribe to our feed and be on the look out for more innovative uses of WordPress.

Innovative Use of WordPress: JustTweetIt.com

WordPress as a link directory! Who would have thought?

The JustTweetIt.com Twitter Directory went above and beyond simply turning WordPress into a link directory. The site features a beautiful design and alot of great content in traditional blog posts. So, you can’t do this over-night, but I’ll give you a quick explanation of just how they did it.


By the way, DotSauce is on Twitter!

How Did They Do That?

The concept is quite simple… turn your comments system into link submission! With a few tweaks and word-swaps (change any mention of “comment” to “submit link”) within the template files, specifically the comment system, comment display, single post and single page, you can have a fully functional link directory.

Once those modifications are done, any page can be created to represent a “Category.” Enable comments on your “Category” page and the link submissions can start coming in!

What’s Your Script Got that WordPress Doesn’t?

If you think about it… WordPress already has most of the features you want for any link directory; moderation, Akismet spam filter, and even membership logins, but I’ll save more on that for the next installment.

Yet Another WordPress Link Directory

The concept is starting to spread, another example of WordPress as a link directory just launched this past month and living up to it’s name.  DirectoryForDesigners.com is a social media directory for, you guessed it, designers of all types.


What do you think about using WordPress as a link directory? Know of any other innovative uses of WordPress? We’d love to hear your thoughts… please leave a comment below.


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