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Live Video of Woopra Website Analytics During a Digg Front Page

By on August 23, 2008

Woopra, a website analytics application currently in Beta testing, is gaining popularity very quickly.  Instead of the traditional web based statistics, charts and graphs that you will find in services such as Google Analytics, Woopra is installed onto your PC.  Many feel Woopra’s best feature is the “Live” view, where website owners can watch visitors as they enter, navigate around the site and follow external links.

Here is a previously-recorded live video stream of Woopra in full-force!  GeekBrief.TV recently announced that an app has been created to copy and paste on your iPhone.  Big news in gadget world and Digg.com went wild about it, pushing it to the homepage with a huge number of diggs.

Woopra Live Stats as GeekBrief.TV Hits Digg Front Page

The Woopra software application is being hailed as a beautiful and innovative live representation of website statistics and I whole-heartedly agree. Allowing me to see how visitors navigate, track daily performance for uniques, page views, search queries and referrers.

Get Woopra Analytics For Your Website!

DotSauce has been part of the Woopra beta test for several months now, secretly watching your every move as you browse around the site!  It has been an enjoyable experience and I highly recommend signing up for the beta test.

Follow these steps to get approved:

  • Register for a free account at Woopra.
  • Add a website URL through your account manager.
  • Wait. Woopra admins are known to do a batch beta tester approval once per month.
  • Post on their forums, they may take notice of you!

It took DotSauce several weeks to get approved, so don’t get dismayed!

What analytics program do you currently use and how do you think it compares with Woopra? Would love to hear your comments, thanks!


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