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Inspiring Story About a Bird Brained Website Flipper

By on July 30, 2008

Mr. Frager of the Frager Factor tipped me off to a great New York Times article entitled “Find an Undervalued Asset. Fix It Up. Flip It. (Now It’s Websites, Not Houses).”

I love reading these online success stories, they really get the entrepreneurial gears turning and motivate me to continue developing out my domain portfolio.

“Dave Hermansen did not own a bird or a cage when he bought bird-cage.com, an online store, for $1,800 three years ago. He simply saw a Web site that was ‘very, very poorly done,’ and begged the owners to sell it to him. He then redesigned the site, added advertising and drove up traffic. Last December, he sold it for $173,000.”

In this day and age, you don’t even have to invest any money beyond a domain name to “flip” a website. By developing quickly and driving traffic you continually increase the value of a website, especially if that new website is earning revenue. However, even if you have not earned a dime you can often times sell your newly matured online property for several hundred dollars in just a couple months time.

“Some Web sites begin as labors of love. Take Celebrity Baby Blog, which Danielle Friedland, the creator, has said she created after reeling off facts during the 2004 Golden Globes ‘about who was pregnant with twins or had recently given birth.’ Four years later, People.com bought the Web site after it noticed an unfulfilled niche: ‘a very passionate community of young moms,’ said Fran Hauser, president of People Digital.

Ms. Hauser said she would not comment on the sale price. Industry insiders speculate it was in the low millions.”

You can read the full story at the New York Times.

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