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Surprising New Website Data Reveals Social Sharing and Traffic Trends

By on March 9, 2010

Innovative multimedia company, Tynt is working behind the scenes on over 400,000 sites including many well known media and news publications. Their service extends to over 200 million web users.

Tynt Insight technology is being used to track content sharing via copy & paste actions in a user’s browser. According to the company, an average of 6% of page views on the web result in some kind of user action that can be tracked by their technology.

In a recent rebuttal towards TechCrunch’s claim that 45% of all social sharing is done on Facebook, Tynt has shown clearly that this is not the case.

Email deserves the top spot for overall shares at 75%, Facebook accounts for 25%, blogs and forums (labeled “Other”) still account for a significant number of shares while Twitter is still growing with 1% of the social sharing action.

Tynt went on to provide a different and all-together more interesting break down of social sharing by showing how shares are performing in the chart above. Apparently Tynt Insight is tracking more than just copy/paste actions. This is valuable and definitely insightful click-through data!

Here are highlights I’ve observed containing some very interesting data revealed by Tynt:

  • There are an estimated 1 trillion to 1.4 trillion page views on the web each month.
  • Slightly over 2% of all page views result in sharing via copy & paste actions, totaling 20 billion shares per month.
  • Sharing via built in share buttons (Digg this, Tweet this) account for only 400 million shares per month.
  • Email is used for 70% of all social sharing and accounts for 48% of new site traffic.
  • Blogs, forums and other mediums generate 36% of new site traffic despite accounting for only 4% of total shares.
  • While 25% of all sharing is done on Facebook it only generates 10% of new site traffic.
  • Digg generates 5% of new site traffic despite accounting for less than 1% of total shares.

What can we do to improve user experience and cater to the kind 2% of visitors who choose to share our content?

Website publications and blogs could definitely use more accessibility and unity with email sharing. We put an emphasis on social sharing and tend to leave email as a fall-back option when in fact it is being used the most.

Adding a prominent notice or automated form to share via email may do the trick and help tap into the prevalence of email sharing.

I’m sure improvements and new applications, website widgets, and browser addons for both email and social network sharing will be coming soon throughout 2010.

Tynt’s Insight software will automatically include a link back to the source page when text is copied from a website. I’m still a little dumbfounded that they are tracking copy and paste data, why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

I’m interested to see what content is being copied from my sites, how often, and how I can use that information to generate more site traffic. If this sounds good to you as well, check out Tynt Insight‘s free service and leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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