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Video: Using Google to Find Available Domain Names

By on May 4, 2008

Available Domains

Several months ago, by chance and a little luck, I discovered a unique Google search query which would allow anyone to mine expired domains from old Whois pages on DomainTools. I released this information to DotSauce premium subscribers and am now passing that information on to all DotSauce readers.

I have created a screencast video tutorial detailing my method and the Google query I use to gather expired domain names that have recently become available.


Launch Video Tutorial

Lower quality available on YouTube and Facebook.

Tools used in this video:

Please join the DotSauce forums for more insider domaining tips like this one before they are released to the public.

I hope you enjoyed this screencast! I plan on releasing more videos featuring tips, tricks and tutorials in the near future. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.


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