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Putting the Vanity Domain Extension Debate to Rest

By on June 30, 2008

Ron Jackson, editor of DNJournal recently published the June edition of his newsletter featuring a great editorial about ICANN’s decision to allow “vanity” TLDs.  There is plenty of commentary from experts such as Michael Castello and Rick Schwartz debunking the idea that new domain extensions could spell disaster for the domain industry.

DotSauce has been hesitant to cover this news for the very reasons these experts describe below, that and the fact that it has spread across many many news sources, domaining releated and otherwise. This editorial should put to rest the debate and give you a clear understanding of what will go on in the near future.

Click on the image below for a copy of the June newsletter.


Ron Jackson, Editor of DNJournal says…

“In a nutshell, past history has not been kind to new TLDs and I see little reason to believe that dumping a massive number of them on the market at once will be any more or less successful than ICANN’s previous strategy of releasing new extensions in a slow, deliberate manner.”

Michael Castello of CCIN says…

“The markets within markets of domain speculation are timing out and so many new extensions will only confuse the masses. Most domainers only talk to domainers and do not understand the logic on the street. Domainers are thinking way too much and in reality success in this business is very simple. Search engines will help with the clutter of these new vTLDs (‘vanity’ TLDs, a term coined by Michael’s brother and CCIN partner, David Castello) but in the long run .com is the easy way for people to navigate.”

Rick Schwartz, co-founder of TRAFFIC says…

“This is the biggest nothing I have seen in quite some time. It won’t affect anything for 10 years and when it all kicks in, it will cost traffic to .com…ZIPPO. It may even increase it as folks become more aware of the browser bar and direct navigation.”


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