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Unique Google Query Finds Quality Expired Domains

By on December 24, 2007

By chance and a stroke of inspiration, I have discovered an advanced Google search query which allows me to find lists of recently expired domains. I was quite excited and spent about an hour using my new found expired search technique. Within that hour I found several hundred available domains that had just recently expired.

I hand picked a list of close to 100 dot com domains that I found to be of good value, often several times above registration cost. I was even able to input keywords into the search query for targeted results! Here is a small peak at the available domains I found just yesterday using this easy method.

Sample List: Available Domains

These domains are available for registration as of the time of this posting. This list is not to be reproduced elsewhere. Before you register, please read below the list for more information.


Feel free to register one of these domain names if you like them. You should also purchase a Premium Subscription to DotSauce for just a bit more than a domain reg fee! Your subscription will get you access to exclusive regularly updated content featuring a “How To” guide on using this Google search query, coupons & discounts, available domains lists, insider tips, tricks, scripts and tools for domainers.

How To Guide for Premium Subscribers

After thinking long and hard, I have decided to only announce this valuable information to DotSauce Premium Subscribers in a fully outlined “How To” guide. Subscriptions are only $10 a month and you will get instant access to this expired domain mining technique. You can register here for free and then upgrade to a premium subscription if you so desire.

I will show you an easy 4 step guide on how to “mine” these expired domains daily as well as the best method for cleaning and scanning the lists. Within minutes you will be finding targeted available domains that have expired just recently.


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