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Two Free WordPress Plugins Aim to Earn Your Blog More Money

By on March 5, 2010

Two WordPress plugins have peeked my interest recently. A startup has launched with a completely new advertising concept and an older plugin (new to me) is reportedly increasing AdSense revenue for many bloggers without being intrusive to their regular readers.

A New Medium: Sponsored Comments

TalkAhead.com recently launched with a new approach to advertising through sponsored comments on blogs. The idea is that advertisers can connect and engage with readers of a targeted article and promote relevant products and services with a link to their website.

This chart shows the benefits and potential of sponsored comments as compared with traditional and often shady contextual advertising.

Marketers can sign up to receive automated alerts anytime an article of interest is published.

Oddly enough, I found a blog comment by TalkAhead founder Philippe Lang with some insight into how the system is working thus far.

…we are getting positive feedback from readers, our advertisers receive high click-trough rates and our publishers generate new premium revenues.

I went through the process of registering as a publisher and am quite impressed with the administration, setup and configuration. There are options for creating new channels for multiple blogs, moderating incoming sponsored comments, viewing performance reports and more.

Another cool feature I found was the option to create a coupon code which can be used to offer free or discounted sponsored comments to a business of your choosing.

Why Do Work? AdSense Plugin Works For You

An intelligent AdSense plugin found here at WhyDoWork.com allows you to display AdSense units on posts older than X days. This plugin has been around for quite awhile and has received excellent reviews and confirmed increase in AdSense revenues.

It makes sense to display AdSense on older posts. Visitors coming in from search engines are looking for something specific on your blog. The bounce rate is typically quite high and the return visit rate is typically very low. Why not take advantage of this and serve them prominently featured targeted advertising?

An important feature was not left out, any article can be excluded from displaying AdSense units individually.

I have included AdSense units on certain articles which receive daily search traffic and it’s paid off well. This AdSense plugin makes it simple to do just that and automates the process to strike a balance between respecting regular readers and monetizing search traffic.

Want more? Check out VigLink Affiliate Links and Ecwid eCommerce Widgets, two more innovative solutions for WordPress business that have been featured on DotSauce.


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