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Twitter Set to Cash In on the Craze with Twitter Search Advertising

By on January 24, 2009

Twitter.com the micro-blogging sensation has evolved into a rapidly-growing network of people streaming their thoughts, news, and business live with the world.  These twitter members are finding an audience that listens and grows daily.

Having a presence on Twitter really pays off.   Big corporations are monitoring their brands and connecting with customers on a personal level.

Small businesses, individual freelancers like Search Engine Optimizers, graphic designers, web developers, marketers, bloggers and yes even domainers have formed networks which distribute daily updates and news to anyone willing to follow.

Twitter to Finally Cash In on the Craze

twitter-logo-large.pngTwitter previously had no business model and has stayed afloat through $22 million of venture capital.  That is all about to change in 10 days with the introduction of Twitter Search Advertising.

Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter made the announcement in an interview with The Times, “Founders have promised to introduce a revenue stream in the next couple of months and Mr. Stone said that search – finding relevant, useful information for companies – would be key.”

Mr. Stone said that within the next 10 days Twitter will be putting their search feature into the home pages of around 1% of member pages before rolling the feature out to everyone.

What is Twitter Search?

This is not your typical search that you might associate with Google, this is virtually live updates and news from an estimated million plus members.

Basically what they will be doing is integrating the powerful search tool currently found at search.twitter.com into the homepage of every Twitter member.

The search feature can be used to deliver fresh information on virtually anything people are talking about. Find out who mentions your name or your product, track who is messaging and replying to you or use advanced filters to find people with common interests.

Twitter Sponsored Listings

Businesses will inevitably be available to advertise your products and services within relevant search results. I predict twitter search advertising will be very successful and on par with the success of Facebook advertising.

I feel this is good move by Twitter.  They will of course finally get to make money from sponsored advertising and the community gets an awesome search tool at our fingertips.  What are your thoughts on Twitter Search Advertising?  Please leave a comment below or tweet us @DotSauce!


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