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TUTS+ Membership For Web Developers and Designers: Get Your Learn On

By on February 17, 2009

NETTUTS, VECTORTUTS, & PSDTUTS have all been merged into one awesome tutorial hub called TUTS+. Within TUTS+ you receive access to hundreds of web development and graphic design tutorials with all source files included.

What is TUTS Plus?

High quality tutorials from industry professionals guide you every step of the way towards creating beautiful graphics and rich interactive web applications.

How Can it Benefit Me?

Simply download the content files for any tutorial, customize, upload, and most importantly learn and improve your web development skills!

In just a short time since launch the guys behind TUTS+ have been churning out an amazing amount of Plus content.

Check out all the stuff you can get inside TUTS+ so far…

  • WordPress, Beginner to Master Series: Part 1-3
  • WordPress, Beginner to Master Series: Part 4-6
  • Build a Shopping Cart With PHP and MySQL (Screencast + Source Files)
  • Design a Ready to Print Brochure in Photoshop (Tutorial + Source Files)
  • and many more design and script and website tutorials!

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TUTS+ will grow your business, improve your existing websites, and most likely wow your visitors and clients.  I have been a regular at NETTUTS for awhile, but I can’t wait to get started with the new TUTS+ membership tutorials and screencasts.

Quality Education and Materials on the Cheap!

TUTS+ exclusive membership is just $9 per month (or $22 per three months), a fantastic bargain for the high quality content.  They already have over 3000 happy members.

Earn Your Money Back

Once a member you can pass on the knowledge through the TUTS+ affiliate program.  Refer your friends and earn 25% of what they pay on the first month and every month.


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