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.Travel Domain Registry Gets Needed Funding

By on June 5, 2007

Domain Name Wire reported a few weeks a ago that theGlobe.com, parent company of the .travel registry was running out of money. Today it has been reported that a few days ago on May 29th Dancing Bear Investments, Inc. has invested the sum of $250,000 into the company’s shares. This is not an incredibly substantial investment, however it allows them the option to purchase up to $2,750,000 before November 25th this year.

This may boost confidence for the dwindling .TRAVEL domain registry. They need to capitalize on this investment and raise awareness of the domains presence in the travel industry. Joint ventures with high profile travel booking companies or hot-spot travel destinations are key. If no consumers are seeing this domain in action soon the registry is doomed for failure.

On a similar side-note Domain Name Wire reports another domain company, Communicate.com, has received an investment as well. The company announced that C. Geoffrey Hampson is taking over as Chief Executive Officer and is investing $1M in the company. Shares have increased from around $1.08 to $1.37, a clear sign of favorable response to the news. Hampson has a one year lockup on the common shares.

“Communicate.com owns a number of premium domain names including Perfume.com and Body.com, which are run as e-commerce stores, and Cricket.com and Boxing.com, which are parked pages.”


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