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Top 6 Places to Sell Your Domains For Free!

By on September 8, 2007

#1. NamePros

  • Why it’s HOT… This is my personal favorite domaining community. They have an awesome chat room which is active 24/7 (You can find me there more often than not, sad but true.) Huge member base provides you plenty of exposure to your domain sales topic and users are allowed to bump every 24 hours.
  • Why it’s NOT… Members here are usually looking for steals and deals on domains, so keep your prices reasonable.

#2. v7n Network

  • Why it’s HOT… Fun and large development community. Great moderation and sales format. Posts usually get alot of exposure and can stay listed at the top for many days.
  • Why it’s NOT… No real freedom to spice up your post title.

#3. dnScoop Marketplace

  • Why it’s HOT… Features a nice community and an in-house website/domain valuation tool. Even though this is a young community I have made a surprising number of sales here.
  • Why it’s NOT… Still in it’s growing stages so you may not get nearly as much topic views here. Powered by poor forum software that can be annoying when formatting posts and sending private messages. Users are unable to edit domain sales topics.

#4. DomainState

  • Why it’s HOT… Strong marketplace oriented community who like to buy and sell.
  • Why it’s NOT… Small list of topics per page and alot of posts daily cause your topic to get lost quickly, be sure to bump as often as allowed to be effective here.

#5. WebHostingTalk

  • Why it’s HOT… Again, another large community with plenty of exposure. Bumps are ineffective here, so your thread stays visible a long time.
  • Why it’s NOT… You are only allowed one domain sales topic every 7 days and you can not edit it, quite annoying.

#6. DigitalPoint

  • Why it’s HOT… This community has many many thousands of members visiting daily. Huge general webmaster forum and a very active developed websites marketplace.
  • Why it’s NOT… Strict post formatting rules and trigger happy moderators may get you banned if you’re not careful. I have also noticed poor sales numbers in my listings here.

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