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Top 5 Resources Domain Owners Shouldn’t Live Without

By on May 8, 2007
  • 5. Google Webmaster ToolsArguably the most powerful search engine in existence is now giving some of that power back to the website owners. Google Webmaster Tools provides a means of verifying ownership of any domain or website. Once verified, a webmaster can upload a sitemap, declare their preferred domain prefix, analyze search statistics, crawl errors and browse various important data that Google has collected. Search engine optimization starts here.
  • 4. DomainToolsAs an excellent all around resource for domainers, this free service provides a host of tools for researching domain names. DomainTools is essentially one of the most advanced WHOIS search applications today. It features a powerful, fast, and easy to use interface allows you to delve deep into information on domain names, DNS, IPs, trade marks, domain auctions, name suggestions and more. I am especially fond of the bulk check feature, which is lightning fast and provides availability statistics on all popular TLDs for each name. You definitely want these power tools in your virtual toolbox.
  • 3. Quality Content for your RSS Feed ReaderIf you are not using an RSS feed reader, I assure you that you’re missing out on a wealth of easily accessible information. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a blossoming information technology tool that virtually every mainstream news portal and blog publishes. A feed reader such as Bloglines (my personal favorite) or Google Reader can keep you in the know with the latest news you want at your finger tips. Create some general category folders to organize your feeds before you get started with a reader, you will surely need them soon. Here is a brief list of feeds that I read daily and highly recommend: SevenMile, DomainTools, DailyBlogTips, Wired: Top Stories, NetBusinessBlog, DailyDomainer and of course the very hot DotSauce Domain Magazine.
  • 2. Popular Discussion ForumsWeb Developer and Design forums are in no short supply. These topic and reply based community sites have been around for quite awhile and are an extremely important resource for domain owners. Forums are all too often overlooked as a source of valuable information, research, networking and marketing. I encourage you to register and contribute to some high quality and popular discussion forums. You can find me perusing and occasionally contributing my 2¢ on these fine forums: NamePros, WebHostingTalk, DigitalPoint, EarnersForum, SitePoint.
  • 1. MyBlogLogIf your website had a conscience and it wanted to join a social network to meet some new friends, that network would be MyBlogLog. This innovative service utilizes the concept of a social network to promote and manage blog communities. While the statistic features are not as advanced as some scripts, MyBlogLog provides you with valuable information that you really need: detailed referrer URLs and numbers, what specific pages are viewed and what external links are clicked. If you look in the sidebar to your right you can see my community widget which displays a block listing of recent readers. Once you sign up be sure to come back and join the DotSauce community!

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