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Top 15 Industries Domainers Should Pay Attention To

By on July 29, 2010

The only way to spread word of the value of a good domain name is to reach out to the public. There are many industries, businesses and individuals buying domain names daily, yet they are widely ignored by the domaining community.

I would like to propose 15 industries that we should pay more attention to as far as researching and learning from the experts. These industries also represent a good opportunity to market domain names to web professionals.

  1. Design – Many domain companies, blogs and services are obviously falling behind on web design trends. We need to adopt innovative design trends that will reflect a positive image of our industry. In my post Right Brain Domaining, I explain why this will be increasingly important.
  2. SEO – This is probably the industry that we actually do pay attention to quite a bit. In actuality, SEO professionals should probably look to us as a resource. Google is always changing things and introducing new opportunities you don’t want to miss. Start at Search Engine Journal.
  3. Sales – Domainers are almost always heavily focused on making sales. Why do we not go and learn from expert salesmen?
  4. Marketing – Along with sales, we need to learn to market effectively and use additional resources and tools. Start at eMarketer.
  5. Branding – One of the core concepts of owning a domain name is that it doubles as a powerful brand.
  6. Startups – Every startup needs a domain and every domain is an opportunity for a business. Start at Hacker News.
  7. Blogging – There are hundreds of thousands of blogs that do NOT have a domain. I’d say that’s quite an opportunity.
  8. Web Development – Like SEO, we try to keep up with the latest in web development, but like Design we are lagging behind. We need to adopt technologies like HTML5, jQuery and CSS advancements to stay ahead of the curve.
  9. Usability – This is an industry that I feel is vitally important.  Visitors are extremely fickle in terms of load times, navigating, reading and engaging with website content. Start at UXBooth.
  10. Technology – Often the most popular news has to do with the latest electronics and technologies. Keeping up to date provides a great opportunity to be an early adopter and potentially purchase valuable domains. Start at TechCrunch.
  11. Social Media – An explosion of social growth in recent years should be evidence enough that we should embrace social media with open arms. There has been enough reports about the benefits, we just need to take action. Start at Social Media Examiner.
  12. Small Business – Brick and mortar businesses are fast learning that a web presence can be extremely valuable. We should reach out to these small businesses and explain how keyword domains can benefit them. Start at Inc. Magazine.
  13. E-Commerce – The amount of products and services we buy online is increasing rapidly. The processes that make this happen are improving and there is a lot to be learned. It’s also good to keep watch on top selling products. Start here at Smashing Mag.
  14. Web Hosting – There are two things a business needs to work online; a domain name and web hosting. The industries are closely tied together, but often distant. I feel like domainers are missing an additional opportunity to profit here. Start at The WHIR.
  15. Translation – The next era of the web will be a global one, those who learn new languages and adopt translation technologies (be it automated or crowd-sourced) will thrive.

Take some time each day to discover something new. You may be surprised at how important some of these industries are to your business.

What other industries should we learn more about? Please share your thoughts and favorite resources in the comments area.


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