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Top 100 Domain Tools, Resources and Websites

By on August 12, 2010

Over the course of many years in the domain name industry, I have learned a lot about all the companies, organizations and individuals that keep the wheels turning.

The following 100 websites are made up of the most popular and widely used domain tools, resources and businesses.

I have used various metrics and sources to compile this list, such as traffic estimates and bookmark data. Certain websites have been excluded which may be popular, but are dated and irrelevant to the industry today.

  1. GoDaddy (Registrar)
  2. DomainTools (Domain Lookup & Tools)
  3. NameCheap (Registrar)
  4. DNSstuff (Domain Tools)
  5. BustAName (Domain Finder)
  6. Instant Domain Search (Domain Lookup)
  7. DomainsBot (Domain Finder)
  8. Domai.nr (Hack Finder)
  9. NameBoy (Domain Finder)
  10. SnapNames (Expiring Domain Auctions)
  11. MakeWords (Domain Finder)
  12. Moniker (Registrar & Domain Auctions)
  13. Sedo (Domain Auctions)
  14. Pool.com (Expired Domain Auctions)
  15. eNom (Registrar)
  16. Afternic (Domain Auctions)
  17. Register.com (Registrar)
  18. Who.is (Domain Lookup)
  19. 123-Reg (UK Registrar)
  20. Name.com (Registrar)
  21. NamePros (Domain Forum)
  22. Domize (Domain Lookup)
  23. NameJet (Expired Domain Auctions)
  24. DNForum (Domain Forum)
  25. ICANN (Governing Body for Domains and IPs)
  26. Estibot (Automated Appraisals & Research)
  27. FreshDrop (Domain Research)
  28. IANA Root Zone (Details on TLDs and country-code TLDs)
  29. MyDomain (Registrar)
  30. dnScoop (Automated Appraisal)
  31. JustDropped (Expired Domains)
  32. Archive.org Wayback Machine (Website History)
  33. PickyDomains (Paid Name Suggestions)
  34. DNJournal (Industry News)
  35. Domain Name Wire (Industry News)
  36. Alexa (Domain Traffic Stats)
  37. Compete (Domain Traffic Stats)
  38. List of Top-level Domains (Wikipedia Info)
  39. AllWhois (Domain Lookup)
  40. EuroDNS (European Registrar)
  41. Dotster (Registrar)
  42. BuyDomains.com (Premium Domain Sales)
  43. DomainTyper (Domain Finder)
  44. DeletedDomains (Expired Domain Search)
  45. Whois Source (Domain Lookup)
  46. Flippa (Domain & Website Sales)
  47. Wordoid (Word Generator)
  48. Google Apps for Domains (Domain Tools)
  49. DirectNIC (Registrar)
  50. Whois.com (Domain Lookup)
  51. WhoIsHostingThis? (Web Host Lookup)
  52. NameBio (Domain Sales History)
  53. DynaDot (Registrar)
  54. MelbourneIT (Australian Registrar)
  55. NetCraft (Internet Security Research)
  56. Google Analytics (Traffic Logging)
  57. Domaining.com (Industry News Aggregator)
  58. Nominet (.UK Registry)
  59. Domain.com (Registrar)
  60. DynDNS (DNS Hosting)
  61. OpenDNS (Secured DNS Service)
  62. CrazyDomains (Australian Registrar)
  63. Yahoo Domains (Registrar)
  64. PCNames (Domain Lookup)
  65. DropDay (Expired Domain Research)
  66. NameTumbler (Domain Finder)
  67. Google AdWords Keyword Tool (Keyword Research)
  68. TheDomains (Industry News)
  69. DomainNameNews (Industry News)
  70. Rick Latona (Broker)
  71. DomainNews (Industry News)
  72. Elliot’s Blog (Domain Blogger)
  73. DotSauce Magazine (Domain & Development Articles)
  74. AvailableDomainNames (Available Domain Lists)
  75. DNSalePrice (Domain Sales History)
  76. DomainState (Domain Forum)
  77. NameBee.com (Industry News Aggregator)
  78. CircleID (Internet & Domain News)
  79. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. (Industry Conference)
  80. DOMAINfest (Industry Conference)
  81. SuccessClick (Domain Blogger)
  82. Morgan Linton (Domain Blogger)
  83. Rick’s Blog (Domain Blogger)
  84. DomainNameSales (Domain Blogger)
  85. Parked.com (Parking)
  86. NameDrive (Parking)
  87. Fabulous (Parking)
  88. WhyPark (Parking)
  89. SmartName (Parking)
  90. Google AdSense for Domains (Parking)
  91. Trafficz (Parking)
  92. Skenzo (Parking)
  93. Domain Development Corp (Parking)
  94. Above.com (Parking Manager)
  95. iGoldRush (Domaining Portal)
  96. IDNBlog (International Domain Blog)
  97. Domain Masters (Radio Program / Podcast)
  98. DomainerIncome (Domain Research)
  99. DNHeadlines (Industry News Aggregator)
  100. DNCalendar (Industry Related Events)

I encourage you to visit and explore all the domain industry websites that peek your interest!

The list could have included 100 more domain resources, so I apologize if one of your favorite sites is not included. If there is a very popular domain website that I’ve missed, please let me know. I may compile an extended list sometime in the future.

Thank you for looking! Don’t forget to bookmark this for future reference.


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