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ThemeGrade SEO and Usability Scores on Quality WordPress Themes

By on November 11, 2009

There is a new WordPress resource site that I’ve been introduced to through the great WordPress community on Twitter.

With so many options available today, selecting the right WordPress theme for your website or blog can be a daunting task. ThemeGrade was created to make finding quality themes with the features you want much easier.

ThemeGrade is not your typical WordPress directory. Quality themes are selected to be reviewed (2 per day) and are then scored against over a dozen critical points related to theme design and search optimization.

themegrade wordpress reviews

Tried and Tested

Each theme is given a bronze, silver or the coveted gold seal of approval. Gold rankings are awarded to themes which excel across the board in general usability as well as enhanced design features like browser compatibility, threaded comments, and designer support.

thematic inove

ThemeGrade also makes sure that top ranking themes perform well for key factors that effect search ranking performance.

  • W3C Compliant – XHTML
  • W3C Compliant – CSS
  • Home page Heading SEO
  • Post & Page Heading SEO
  • Post & Page Title Tag
  • Content Code Position

Sweet Select-boxes!

ThemeGrade select box searchSearching ThemeGrade is very simple. They have implemented a nice selection box theme fetcher. I’ve never seen this style of search on a WordPress site, very cool! Simply select the boxes related to your interests and go.

ThemeGrade features both free and premium (paid) themes from select designers.

Sort by design structure (1 or 2 columns, magazine style, portfolio style, etc.) or  by theme category (Business, Art, Nature, Internet, etc.).

And, of course, you can select themes by their gold, silver or bronze rankings.

ThemeGrade Tip:

Don’t be discouraged by themes with low SEO ranking.

Proper title tags and other factors can be corrected with a few tweaks to theme files. Stay tuned to DotSauce for more on that very topic soon.

Be sure to check out ThemeGrade WordPress Themes now and follow along by RSS or @ThemeGrade on Twitter as new themes are reviewed.


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