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“Download: The True Story of the Internet” Premiers Monday March 3rd

By on February 28, 2008

The Science Channel, part of the Discovery network, has some of my favorite television programming. Some of my favorites are Myth Busters, Future Weapons, Beyond Tomorrow, and Survivorman I love shows that are inspiring, innovative, and thought provoking. Sexy hosts making stuff explode makes it all the better!

The True Story of the Internet” is about the internet revolution of the last 10 years. The founders of eBay, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Netscape and many others tell the personal stories of how they made their untold billions in this short time period.

The style of the story-telling is up close and personal. With first-hand testimony from the people that matter, we tell a story that has all the excitement of a thriller — full of battles and back-stabbing, moments of genius and moments of sheer hilarity. You will never surf the net in the same way again.

Did They Leave Out the Domain Name Industry?

Domain names are the backbone of all this progress in business, branding and the internet itself. I am not positive, but I don’t think the domain industry will be put in the spotlight within any of these episodes.

Soon domain names will become main stream as more and more big stories unfold. Aside from Mr. Gates himself, domainers are making as much if not more income than many of these featured business founders.


Episode Premier Schedule

There are four separate hour-long episodes in this special presentation. Listed below are the premier air times. Each episode will be rerun many times in the following days if you happen to miss the premier.

Mar 03, 9:00 pm
(60 minutes)
Download: The True Story of the Internet
“Browser Wars”

This is the story of an epic battle between America’s mightiest corporation and a small group of “computer geeks” who created a revolutionary technology.

Mar 03, 10:00 pm
(60 minutes)
Download: The True Story of the Internet

In a few short years a new and unique way of finding information revolutionized the Web and in the process created one of the largest companies in the US; Google.

Mar 04, 9:00 pm
(60 minutes)
Download: The True Story of the Internet

In an astonishing journalistic coup, the founders of the Amazon and Ebay, Jeff Bezos and Pierre Omidyar, tell the story of how their business grew from nothing to dominate the global economy and profoundly change the way we live our lives.

Mar 04, 10:00 pm
(60 minutes)
Download: The True Story of the Internet
“People Power”

This is the story of how the internet has changed society and how a new breed of entrepreneurs are shaping our digital futures. It all started with Napster; a way of swapping music that was dreamt up by the teenaged Shawn Fanning.

Trailer Video Clips

  • Mooning the Giant: Bill Gates gets the necessary fuel to begin an all-out war.
  • Navigator: Netscape’s latest invention, Navigator, begins to take the world by storm.
  • YouTube: YouTube Co-founder Chad Hurley discusses his outlook on people driven browsers.
  • MySpace: What’s next for the new generation of Web 2.0?
  • Bill Gates: After dropping out of Harvard to run his own company, Bill Gates is going nowhere but up in the PC World.
  • Web 2.0: These innovators are heading the revolution of Web 2.0.

Enjoy the show! Feel free to reminisce about what you were doing during the 90’s internet revolution with a comment. I wish I had been buying domains!


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