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The Imminent ‘.asia’ Domain Rush

By on July 6, 2007

Asia has an estimated 409 million internet users, compared to 319 million in Europe and only 231 million in all of North America. Which could mean big business for the new TLD. The goal is to provide an alternative to America’s ‘.com’ extension for millions of individuals and businesses in Asia.

The public launch for registration of the ‘.asia’ domain extension is expected to take place in February 2008.

To alleviate former disputes in cyber-squatting officially trademarked names, companies with valid trademarks as well as government organizations will be able to secure their domains on October 9th of this year. Registered companies with an official presence in Asia will also be able to secure their names with the ‘.asia’ registry.

The TimesOnline.co.uk has the full article including details on the trials and tribulations of last years launch of the ‘.eu’ TLD.


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