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Millions of MySpace Mobile Users May Register .tel Domain Names

By on March 26, 2009

MySpace is currently marketing the new .tel domain name extension to their community of over 130 million users as short alternative web addresses to their MySpace Mobile profiles.

myspace-mobile.pngEssentially, a virtual business card connected to the social web.

Over 20 million individual users access MySpace each month through mobile devices alone.

Register .tel Domain Names through MySpace?

MySpace is in partnerships with several ICANN accredited registrars and will be offering .tel domains to its community for $20 per year.

I recommend you register .tel domain names at Moniker for $14.99 per year.

Telnic May Fulfill a Need for the Social Web Generation

tel-domains.jpgTelnic, the originator and registry operator for .tel,  has also introduced a free iPhone application, available from the iPhone app store, which it claims “means that, for the first time ever, anyone can edit and publish information on the Web under their own domain without needing web design skills or software or even a PC.”

tel-iphone-app.pngYou can view a live example at Emma.tel, a demonstration to show what your .tel web page might look like.

A little before writing this article I registered MarkFulton.tel at Moniker for $14.99 a year.  The .tel revolution may take off quick because of the viral nature of information sharing.

Social networking is at the forefront of the tech industry right now and has exploded over the last year, this deal marketing .tel on MySpace could be all that’s needed for success.

Here is a quirky video from Telnic that tells a story of how .tel might be used in the not so distant future….

Telnic seems to be putting in the effort towards promoting the extension as an ideal that is inventive, unique… that is, connecting and communicating with people effectively through short calling card websites.

Do You Think .tel is Going to Succeed?

Do you love the new .tel domain or are you having flashbacks of the launch of .mobi? Already investing in .tel domains?

Please share your comments below.


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