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Impressive New Keyword Research Tool Pinpoints Available Domains

By on April 14, 2011

I’ve recently discovered an advanced new keyword research tool that aptly incorporates .com/.net/.org domain availability. TailWords is proposed to be an SEO tool for hackers, though after review, it looks to be an excellent SEO tool for domain investors.

TailWords is firstly an SEO tool, so there are a few minor search functions and features left to be desired for domainers. However, the application brings the available domain finder tool to a new level by incorporating useful keyword data.

These analytics were previously only available through external services such as Estibot and the Google AdWords keyword tool.

TailWords Keyword Data

You may recognize these TailWords features as common domain research metrics.

  • Google Search Volume – Displays a daily volume figure taken from 2010-2011
  • Average AdWords PPC Bid Price – Data from 2010-2011
  • Broad Search Results
  • Phrase Search Results – Number of results for phrase search with keywords in quotes
  • Search Results, All In Title – Number of results for phrase search that have all keywords in title
  • Number of Words
  • Number of Characters

Other more advanced filters are also available as shown in this screenshot.

Example TailWords Advanced Search

Using TailWords to Find Available Domains

TailWords automates a valuable domain discovery method that many domainers currently do manually. It’s also doing a better job at it. Using the app, we’re saving at least two time-consuming tasks; finding keyword data and bulk domain lookup.

I did notice some minor discrepancies in the data. A small percentage of domains found were actually unavailable, which is to be expected. So, don’t get too excited about any particular domain before doing a real availability check. You should also remember that the search volumes and PPC bid data are estimates.

Being a long-tail keyword research tool, TailWords is definitely a promising application for acquiring three-word domain names with high search volume and potentially high PPC values. I was able to find numerous quality three-word domains and a select number of two-word domains after spending some time plugging in keywords.

Highlighting keyword order

Tip: Domainers should be wary of keyword positioning when using SEO data. Use your browser search feature (Control + F) to highlight the main search term to more clearly identify entries with the proper positioning.

Check out TailWords for yourself and let me know what you think of its potential as a keyword domain research tool. I have a feeling I will be spending a decent amount of time with this new tool. So, please leave a comment if you would be interested in a more detailed review of TailWords advanced search options and how the data offered can be used.


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