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The Future of Web Browsing: Tab Candy by Firefox

By on July 23, 2010

Firefox developer Aza Raskin introduced the world to Tab Candy today. It is an innovative feature, coming soon to Firefox, that brilliantly helps you organize and navigate websites. TechCrunch promptly broke the story about this awesome leap forward from traditional tabbed browsing.

Tab Candy is currently available as stand alone alpha release of Firefox. The program is oddly named “Minefield,” but can be installed without bothering your existing Firefox installation.

I have been waiting for this functionality for many years. So, first let me say, thank you dearly Firefox and the team that developed this!

As I write this post I have something like 17 tabs open. It’s a frequent occurrence; swapping back and forth, hunting and pecking for content. My only aids being a favicon and a few characters of the title.

With exponentially increasing processing speeds, computers can handle more and more windows and programs running simultaneously. Tab Candy is a much needed layer for exploring the web in an organized and productive manner.

After watching the video, it’s easy to imagine never having to close your favorite websites. Push updates, live and fresh streaming content will begin to be more important and valuable to publishers looking to engage visitors. The alternative is pressing the refresh button.

Google’s Chrome browser has plans in it’s next release for larger “app tabs” that remain in a fixed position. However, they do not come close to the functionality and value provided by Firefox’s Tab Candy. Chrome developers should steal adopt a similar interface or the browser will continue to trail behind.


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