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Spread the Word: 5 Reasons to Invest in Domain Names

By on June 10, 2008

BuyDomains recently sent out an email message to their small business customers. Thanks to DotWeekly for the find. Within the email was a compelling list of reasons to invest in domain names. Every domainer should commit these reasons to memory to share with others.

Continue reading below to find out how these reasons can improve the domain industry by bringing about many more domain sales.

1. Cost

The cost of acquiring a premium domain names is cheaper than continuously paying for local or regional print advertising.

2. The Internet is King

Customers now look to the internet first where they can find you 24/7. When was the last time you flipped through the Yellow Pages?

3. Geography

You can immediately reach a broader market with the Internet because your site is always available to all potential customers no matter what time it is where they are.

4. Customer Contact

You can more easily stay in touch with your prospects and customers by gathering their email address and interests directly from your website.

5. Measurable and Flexible Marketing Options

Online advertising is easy to track and adjust based on your budget. Dial up or dial down your marketing efforts depending on how well they are generating traffic.

How Can This Help Domainers?

The above reasons to invest in domain names goes along very well with these domain sales scenarios. In most cases a domain sale only takes place if the buyer is informed about the inherent value of the domain name being purchased.

Seller Buyer Domainer
Informed Informed Speculator1
Informed Uninformed No Exchange
Uninformed Informed Investor2
Uninformed Uninformed No Exchange
1. A speculator because the person buying the name on resale is expected to also be informed. Thus, the domainer must believe in either the ease of finding a party who could make better use of a given name or the ability of selling it while prices are on an upward trend.2. The domainer is an investor who is better informed than the seller; thus, the exchange is not speculative. Obviously the domainer is taking some risk, but that simply means the exchange isn’t arbitrage.

“In the above table, an exchange takes place only if the buyer has a good general understanding of the value of domain names. The seller may or may not have such an understanding. But there is no exchange if the buyer does not.” – Alex Tajirian

Via CircleID: Long Live the Neodomainers…

So in closing, we have an amazing opportunity to improve the domain industry by informing small businesses, individuals and the world about the value and importance of owning domain names.

Bookmark this article for reference, share it with your partners, potential clients, family and friends or include it as information on your personal website.

The future of business will be built on domain names. Spread the word!


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