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Man Steals & Sells Sofa.com for $200,000 – Takes Flight with Vegas Strippers

By on August 9, 2007

Stephen M. Galstad of Sheboygan, Wisconsin was a store manager for Dinesen’s Leather for over 16 years. The company formerly owned the rather valuable domain Sofa.com. This prime generic domain was used to drive customers to their corporate website and is now in the hands of a London based online furniture retailer.

Sofa.com Stolen

Galstad is being accused of stealing and selling the domain for $200,000 which was wired to his personal account. An additional charge is being filed which claims the man cleaned out a $15,000 company credit card by traveling travel to Brazil, Canada, Las Vegas and New Jersey with a woman identified by his employer as a stripper from Las Vegas.

He has since admitted to the thefts and now faces up to 5 years in prison and a $25,000 in fines for a business related theft felony.

I’ve covered all the juicy bits, but if you’d like to follow this wacky criminal trial you can head over to The Sheboygan-Press.


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