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Social Icon Sharing, Free Pixelated Goodies

By on November 12, 2007

IconBuffet, developed by Firewheel Design, is a commercial icon store-front, but more importantly, it has an integrated community of thousands of icon lovers. IconBuffet provides loads of free, high-quality, multi-format icon sets. These icons are cooked up by the chefs and delivered around the community through a network of friends, blog posts and forum posts. Tokens and stamps are used to accept and deliver icon sets. Using the website is extremely fun and shamelessly rewarding.

If you are into graphic design, web design, web development, application development or simply want to spice up your emails, home pages, social network profiles, word processor documents, etc… you are bound to find a free icon delivery that you will love. Here is a small preview of some of my favorite icons:

live-music_32.png necktie_32.png laptop_32.png pet-monkey_32.png pirate-ship_32.png shark_32.png cafe-mug_32.png muffin_32.png online-offline_32.png digital_audio_32.png paintbrush_32.png paint-bucket_32.png

Sign up now through the links in this article and I will receive points for referring you. Each new member gets 10 tokens to spend and 10 more reloaded every month! Comment here to let me know you’ve joined and I’ll send you some cool free icon sets!

P.S. DotSauce primarily focuses on domaining and web development related articles, but who doesn’t love a good web design resource? I haven’t focused much on design in the past few weeks, so if you would like to see more posts like this please leave a comment and let me know.


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