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Smeego CMS Goes Live: Is this a Dream Web Development Opportunity?

By on June 8, 2008

Smeego is a newly released content management system that you may mistake for PHP Nuke. The developer sold PHP- Nuke and has since moved on releasing Smeego CMS on June 5th as an open source web portal software. Many PHP-Nuke enthusiasts are already converting.

Business Development Opportunity

Released under the terms of the GNU/GPL license, Smeego can be used to develop commercial web properties at no cost. You can in-turn sell these web properties without any restrictions or licensing troubles. This is a major bonus for web developers of all kinds especially those who are currently developing blogs and businesses on platforms like WordPress. Smeego provides an alternate and promising avenue for developing websites.


User Generated Content & Social Actions

The out-dated concept of the “web portal” is now beginning to merge with social networking features, focusing on users sharing content and contributing to a community of like minded individuals. Smeego champions user powered content with friendly features that allow submissions of blogs, downloads, links, articles and news from your website visitors.

Features and Functionality

  • Fully integrated File Downloads manager
  • Open submission Links Directory
  • Email to Friend and Printer Friendly Pages
  • Automatically generated Mobile friendly version
  • Theme/template system
  • FAQ Manager
  • Website Statistics
  • Polls and Surveys manager
  • Reviews manager (Books, games, etc.)
  • Banner Advertising manager

As you can see from the list above, Smeego has some seriously cool features. This comprehensive CMS also has module management. New modules and features will be released by developers in the coming weeks.

Smeego Case Study: XboxMVP.com

Immediately after hearing about the release of Smeego a few days ago I downloaded a copy and choose to give it a go as a development option for my domain, XboxMVP.com which has great community potential.

This project starts off as one of the default templates called “Orange” which comes bundled with Smeego. I did some simple modifications to the CSS style options, then created a graphical logo and header design to replace the default white box and orange slice.

“Blocks” were customized to make their titles more relevant to the Xbox niche. Several blocks (Statistics, Advertising. etc.) were not needed during initial development and were deactivated from public view.

Now all that is left to do is promote and create content which is easily managed through the Reviews, News, Polls, and Stories modules!


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