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Show Some Link Love & Win a DotSauce T-Shirt

By on October 11, 2007

I just got a high-resolution version of my logo design so I’ve decided to emblazon the DotSauce logo on some fresh white tees. This will be an on-going contest where all entrants have equal opportunity to win the official DotSauce.com t-shirt every week!

Link to DotSauce and Win This Tee!

DotSauce Shirt

How to Get Entered

On your own blog, within one of your post articles, include a link to DotSauce.com or you may reference any individual DotSauce article. Please use relevant anchor text such as “domain news” or “domain articles” or if you are linking to a specific article be sure to title the link properly as well. You get brownie points for writing a review article or an entire post focused on promoting DotSauce. Brownie points may be exchanged for a link back to your website. ;)

Example Blog Posts

DotSauce Domain News Magazine features articles and resources related to domain names, web development and design. It is your source for HOT domain news. Subscribe through RSS or email to keep up to date. Check out DotSauce for your chance to win a free T-shirt.

DotSauce Domain News blog has an on-going contest to win a super HOT new DotSauce T-Shirt. Just mention any of the great web development, domaining or SEO blog posts, for example:

Choosing the Winners

  • Congratulations to Sensei (ContestU.com), our first winner!
  • Congratulations to BloggingContest, our second winner!
  • The next winner will be chosen on Monday, November 5th!

Post a comment or trackback to be entered into this contest. One winner each week will be chosen at random and will win their very own sexy DotSauce T-Shirt. Your shirt will be delivered to your doorstep for free. All I ask is that you wear it in public, you know… wet t-shirt contests, star trek conventions, LAN parties, Wal-Mart… and be sure to tell all your friends in the blogosphere how to get their own free DotSauce T-Shirt.

Don’t Have a Blog? Don’t Despair!

You can still buy your own DotSauce T-Shirt from CafePress for only $8.99!


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