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Should GeoDomains Cater to Tourists or Residents?

By on May 18, 2010

Some of the largest and most profitable GeoDomains in existence primarily target tourists and may not have many, if any features for local residents. Do you consider this to be a major flaw?

A few hours ago, Shuhaib Shariff, founder of DoubleSpring Media (a web development company) got in touch on Twitter and pointed me to this editorial he has written about GeoDomain development.

Shariff has done his homework on the GeoDomain space; he mentions and seems to have a grudge with some of the top GeoDomain properties such as PalmSprings.com, LosAngeles.com, Maryland.com, Missouri.com, Seattle.com, etc.

I took a moment to visit these sites and it does indeed seem like they are built primarily for the tourist.

Shariff urges developers that return visitors are instrumental in the success of a GeoDomain website and argues that tourists often already know the best places to find hotel and travel arrangements.

Content and features should be developed for local residents first. These are the people that may visit your web property day in and day out. A balance can be struck between catering to tourists and residents that is both user friendly and profitable.

Shariff notes that a GeoDomains should not fully immerse themselves in becoming a media property, as the costs of hiring an editorial staff, marketing and branding may be too great. All assets of the SanDiego.com website were recently offered at foreclosure auction because it was several million dollars in debt.

Stay tuned for the second part of Shariff’s post in which he will share further insight into his development ideas for GeoDomains.

If you have ideas of your own for GeoDomain development, please leave a comment below. How would you cater to locals and visitors?


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