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SEOMoz Toolbar Features Page & Domain Authority Metrics Plus Page Analysis

By on March 24, 2010

SEOMoz just launched an overhauled SEOMoz Toolbar for Firefox featuring new page and domain authority metrics that display live as you browse.

These metrics help determine the search ranking strength of any page and can be used to get an idea of the value and authority of a website.

Several other new features are proving to be very useful to have in such a convenient location in your browser.

When visiting a site you can click the Analyze Page button to open an overlayed report featuring a plethora of information and data related to link structure, page load time, meta data and other on page elements organized neatly.

Also included is an option to export this data as a spreadsheet file.

Highlights of the new SEOMoz Toolbar include:

  • Comprehensive page analysis overlay
  • Ability to disable JavaScript
  • Show NoFollows button highlights all links tagged NoFollow
  • Smart links to full suite of SEOMoz tools and other important SEO data

Each of the links found within the Tools drop down menu are uniquely coded like browser bookmarklets to direct you to results pages without having to do any typing.

  • Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics displayed on Google, Bing, Yahoo search results

That’s right, when you do a search on Google, Yahoo or Bing after having installed the SEOMoz Toolbar, you will see unique page and domain authority rankings for all of the individual search results.

All the features mentioned here are included with the free SEOMoz Toolbar. I recommend you try it out now, it only takes a few seconds to install and is sure to save you lots of time.

SEOMoz Pro members enjoy the added benefit of viewing the number of links coming in from root domains as well as much more valuable data found within the full suite of SEOMoz’s Linkscape professional SEO tools.


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