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SEO.com Domain Purchased for $5 Million

By on June 16, 2007

UPDATE: Apparently this is a rabid rumor! Mike has responded in a comment below confirming himself that this price is false. He says that no announcement has been made which includes the price of this sale. Inquiring minds want to know Mike!

Mike Mann is a prominent internet entrepreneur who sold BuyDomains company a few years ago for more than $65 million. His latest tech venture is just that, a venture capital firm based in Washington D.C. which goes by the name of WashingtonVC.

Yesterday Mann announced the purchase of SEO.com by WashingtonVC for $5 million as well as the formation of an SEO firm led by Dave Bascom. The company is formerly known as Web Targeted, search engine optimization company located in Utah. Jay mentions this new domain will give them a huge advantage over the fierce competition of Search Engine Optimizers.

It should be interesting to track the progress of their SEO firm gaining ranking for SEO terms with this new domain.


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