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Selling Domains: 10 Articles You Might Have Missed

By on March 7, 2011

Whether you are looking to sell a few domain names or liquidate your entire portfolio, these articles offer useful tips and techniques for finding potential buyers and negotiating domain sales. You will also gain insight into the importance of managing, evaluating and marketing your domains for sale.

Selling Domains

This roundup includes some of our most comprehensive articles and editorials on selling domain names that you might have missed.

1. Top 10 Reasons Your Domain Name Won’t Sell

They say the best way to learn is to figure out the things you may be doing wrong. Have a look at these suggestions to make sure your tactics are up to date.

2. Selling Domain Names for Maximum Profit

This in-depth article provides a broad range of important advice on domain name investing and sales.

3. How To Sell Domain Names

A down-to-earth guide created for those just starting out. Review the most important steps to take before and during the domain sales process.

4. Free Places to List Your Domains For Sale

A collection of 30 marketplaces, forums, classifieds and other domain sales listing services that have absolutely no fees.

5. Using Images and Data To Market Domains

Learn how gathering analytics and statistics on you domains can increase valuation and boost sales.

6. Automate End User Domain Sales Marketing

This article offers an introduction to end-user domain sales using an innovative web based email marketing tool.

7. Social Domain Sales

Get an inside look at how selling domains has made it’s way to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

8. Top Domain Sales Categories

Review the most popular industries for domain sales thus far in 2011 for one of the leading marketplaces.

9. Domain Name Portfolio Examples

In this article I review 5 new and interesting domain portfolio websites. If you already have a domain portfolio website or are looking to build one these should prove great inspiration.

10. Right Brain Domaining

Inspired by a great business read, I share the six-aptitudes of success in an evolving domain name industry.

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