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“TheSecondWeb” is Offering YOUR Domain Names For Sale

By on September 24, 2008

According to the website, “TheSecondWeb is a completely new World Wide Web. A new Web Browser, a new domain name system and completely new websites.” It is essentially a web-based “browser” with an in-house domain name system powered by some script.


While this idea is not new in and of itself, this is the first web-based and non-intrusive (no software required) alternate domain name system that I am aware of.

Domain names in TheSecondWeb cost $5 each to register and as far as I can tell you “own” the domain permanently.  Ironically, TheSecondWeb.NET only allows purchases of .COM domains.

Development within TheSecondWeb environment is confusing to say the least.  Users must use clunky javascript code to link to external websites and it is not clear as to where or how your content is hosted or what types of content or languages are useable other than basic HTML.

Amazingly, TheSecondWeb blog claims that over 1000 domain names have been sold in just a few days since launch.

I foresee some serious legal issues will come to light unless they plan on removing all possible trademarked domains.

What are your thoughts?  Plausible idea or doomed from the start?  Please leave a comment below.


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