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RSS Feed Powered Websites: An Alternative to Domain Parking

By on April 20, 2008

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One of my NamePros buddy’s, Leland recently launched ThemeLab.com, an amazing WordPress resource website featuring free professional quality themes for your WordPress powered blogs and websites. You can also find some insightful articles related to WordPress development.

One such article is targeted at domain owners who either do not park their domain names or are looking for an alternative. Pay-Per-Click revenue shares can often times be very low, especially if your targeted keywords are not in high demand.

Put Your Dormant Domains to Use with WordPress

In his article, “Put Your Dormant Domains to Use with WordPress” Leland explains the process of creating a RSS feed powered website which will syndicate RSS feeds, keeping your content fresh and of course giving credit to the feed source.

Leland says… “This isn’t a guide on making content scraping/rewriting splogs. I’m merely going over a much more efficient way to monetize unused domains, or possibly to augment your current blog with regularly updated news from relevant feeds. Aggregating RSS feeds legally is a perfectly legitimate way to add content to your WordPress blog.”

Benefits of WordPress Powered “Parking”

  • Much more SEO friendly than conventional parked landing pages
  • Content is fresh and regularly updated
  • Ability to sell direct advertising
  • Earn 100% revenue share, cut out the middle man
  • Include other revenue streams such as affiliate programs
  • Insert unique content and articles
  • Gain repeat visitors or “subscribers”

The process is quite simple. Install WordPress along with a special plugin (FeedWordPress) and make a few changes to your template files. The benefits seem to make RSS feed powered websites a much better alternative to domain parking. Read the article for complete instructions and to get started!

“Now is the time to dump those stagnant parked pages and start developing your unused domains into dynamic and content-rich websites.”

What are your thoughts? Do you currently use RSS feed powered websites to “park” and develop your domain portfolio? I would love to hear what you have to say, please leave a comment.


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