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Right Brain Domaining

By on June 17, 2010

I recently read a book that rang true for me as I turned the pages and applied it’s ideas to my experiences in online business. This book has given me a lot of confidence in myself, my goals and my vision for the future.

Daniel H. Pink describes a transition from the Information Age to a new Conceptual Age in his bestselling book “A Whole New Mind, Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future.”

So, what exactly does the Conceptual Age entail?

  1. Society is becoming overwhelmed by abundance. We have everything we need at our fingertips and it’s cheap.
  2. Information Age jobs are increasingly transitioning to Asia. For example each year, India’s colleges and universities produce 350,000 engineering grads.
  3. Products, services and manufacturing are becoming automated, taking out the human element all together.

The good news? Domaining is fairly conceptual. We need to be creative, forward thinking and understand the big picture of the internet because we are it’s foundation.

  • Can someone overseas do it cheaper? No.
  • Can a computer do it faster? No.
  • Am I offering something that satisfies the nonmaterial, transcendent desires of an abundant age? Yes.

Daniel Pink offers six aptitudes on which professional success will increasingly depend on as we move into the Conceptual Age. Here I am going to share my thoughts on each one of these traits and how we can apply them to the business of buying, selling and monetizing domain names.

Design – A true right brain ability, yet still something that can be learned! I don’t proclaim to be a designer myself, but I am proficient with certain aspects of web style, trends and usability. Domainers can use design to drastically improve their online presence. The design of your blog, domain portfolio or business website is something that should be visually appealing and very user friendly. We can also use design to make more sales and more money.

Story – Domainers need to be able to tell a story when marketing their domain for sale. Like any good writer you should do some research and get your facts right. We can do this by searching for similar domains and how they are being used. We can also build our story by gathering important domain metrics and analytics to provide insight into value.

Symphony – Or the ability to detect patterns and understand the big picture. Do not be misled by automation in the domain industry! Many tools and services will spit out domains using some algorithm, others will provide automated domain valuations. An experienced domainer has insight into the industry as a whole. Start by keeping tabs on the latest domain sales. If you can understand the relationships between events, solve problems, and develop your intuition, you can become a visionary entrepreneur.

Empathy – This is extremely important when applied to domaining, especially when it comes to pricing your domains for sale and marketing. Empathy means to understand what another person is feeling, to imagine yourself in their position. Usability experts are extremely empathic. They understand that the majority of web users have limited navigation skills and short attention spans, so they accommodate with extraordinary results. Learn to place yourself in the position of a potential buyer for your domain when pricing, marketing, negotiating sales.

Play – What do the best web startups and industry giants have in common? Their employees are having fun. They have developed a great work environment and that attitude is also shown in how the company represents itself. Humor can capture attention and provide a much needed change of pace. Go ahead, laugh it up. By the way, if you haven’t looked around lately, games are going to be a big part of the future.

Meaning – This is the quintessential attribute of the domain game. Without meaning our domain names would be worthless strings of characters. What exactly are you selling? A domain name should not simply be some keywords or a brand, but rather an experience, a vision or calling for someone to develop their own web presence. Take some time to discover meaning in your portfolio or before registering your next domain.

If you found these points insightful, I highly recommend you read Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind to learn more about improving these abilities. The Conceptual Age is upon us now, so brush up on your creative skills for web success.

Please consider sharing this article with your network. As always, comments are welcome. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you put your right brain to work.

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