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10 Unconventional Tools & Resources for Domain Investors

By on April 10, 2011

Everyone knows about the most common domain research tools like Estibot and the Google AdWords keyword tool. So, today I would like to share a collection of tools you may not have thought would be so beneficial to domaining.

These applications and resources can be an invaluable addition to your domain investing tool-set. Enjoy!

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1. Rapportive for Researching Inquiries and Offers

Just yesterday a DotSauce Domain Club member contacted me for a consultation seeking advice on a recent offer received by email. He wanted to know if he should respond with an asking price or direct the person to a Sedo auction. As part of my recommendation, I suggested researching the name and email address of the interested party and gave Rapportive as a starting point. Surprisingly, the Domain Club member was able to discover the incoming offer was actually a domain buying scam.

2. Tout for Email Marketing

Last year I wrote about how to automate end-user domain sales marketing using the web-based Tout email application. I’m pleased to report that Tout has received updates in both user-interface and interesting new features.

3. WordPress for Blogging and Building a Domain Portfolio

I mention WordPress and blogging all the time, and will continue to do so because it is such a valuable medium for online businesses. Publishing unique content about your interests or niche can drive new customers from search engines and build your reputation.

4. Facebook for Networking

This link leads to the ever popular Domaining on Facebook group. If you are a serious domain investor who wants to learn and network with your colleagues, I welcome you to request an invite and join in on our discussions.

5. Noted for Research and List Manipulation

Noted is a very unique resource you’re unlikely to see mentioned elsewhere. Noted was developed a decade ago and I have been using it as my primary notepad application ever since. The simplicity, speed and text manipulation features offered by Noted have saved me countless hours. Learning to master find and replace can be a great skill for domain research.

6. Ping.fm for Social Marketing (Discontinued, Try BufferApp)

This application is another time-saver that I don’t know what I’d do without. Ping.fm enables you to broadcast a 140 character status update to dozens of social networks at the same time. You can also create specific groups to segment which networks receive each update. For example, I have specific groups for sharing with everyone or just the DotSauce Facebook page.

7. Google Docs for Spreadsheets

Domain investors are constantly dealing with spreadsheets full of domains and analytics. Storing these files on the Google Docs cloud can offer you quick access and unique tools on the go. You may also want to check out Web Scraper for Chrome which can extract and export tables on web pages to Google Docs.

8. Browser Addons & Bookmarklets for Saving Time

There are dozens of very useful browser addons for making online business easier to manage and saving you time on repetitive tasks. The two links above lead to round-ups of some incredibly useful Chrome addons and a list of browser bookmarklets for domain and SEO research.

9. Friends & Family for Feedback

The people you talk with everyday are likely only somewhat familiar with the domain name industry, but they can still be an invaluable resource. When it comes time for usability testing you can ask for a quick opinion to get an outsider’s perspective. Whether it’s your website navigation or a potential domain investment, ask a friend what they think.

10. Sleep & Exercise for a Balanced Mind

I recently read a surprising article on sleep at the Harvard Business Review that really hit home. Tony Schwartz says sleep is more important than food, “even small amounts of sleep deprivation take a significant toll on our health, our mood, our cognitive capacity and our productivity.” Working from home, I am often a night owl, but I have been trying to manage my sleep better and it helps greatly.

I hope you enjoyed these 10 unconventional ideas, tools, and resources and have a chance to put them to good use. If you know someone else who would find these useful, consider sharing this post.

Did I miss a unique resource? Please leave a comment with your favorite unconventional domain tools.


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