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Domainer Essentials: Registrant Alert by DomainTools

By on March 28, 2009

I’ve used Registrant Alert by DomainTools for nearly two years and am sorry for not having shared it with you sooner!  It really is an essential tool that automates the otherwise complicated task of digging through WHOIS pages.

domaintools.pngRegistrant Alerts notifies you whenever a change is detected on any of your domain records.

This is normally a paid service, but here’s a little pro tip…

Sign up for a free account at DomainTools and then navigate to the Registrant Alert page, they offer a free registrant alert for one of your own email addresses!

If you use the same email address as the contact for each of your domain registrations, like most others, then the one free alert is all you really need.

Here are some screenshots of what the alerts look like…

(Read why I registered this .tel domain.)


After you confirm your email address with Registrant Alerts, you will begin receiving these email notices any time you register new domain names, when your domain names expire or domains transfer ownership.

It’s basically a WHOIS watchdog service.  The information is simple, but good to know in a timely manner.

Enjoy and feel free to suggest any other essential tools you use as a domainer in the comments below!


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