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15 Highly Recommended Twitter Apps for Web Professionals

By on March 17, 2009

Tweet Management is probably the most important aspect of using twitter. We all know that once you begin to follow a lot of people things can get hay-wire.  These applications help you manage your tweets and keep up with your followers efficiently.

  • Tweet Deck is an essential application used for keeping updated and keeping active on Twitter.  Download it and start creating “Groups.” as soon as you can.  These groups can be defined for anything such as “Domainers” or “Designers” and will display updates from only a select few of your followers.  This is just the tip of the iceberg for TweetDeck features.
  • Split Tweet features the ability to manage your multiple Twitter accounts and monitor your company brand.  An excellent web interface allows you to view and send tweets from all of your twitter accounts.  I use it to manage @DotSauce @AQDN @DNMarket @TweetSocial all at the same time with no hassles.
  • Group Tweet is not for everyone, but can be used for allowing multiple people to post updates to a common group Twitter account.  Simply create a new account for whatever group you might have and connect it with Group Tweet.  Example: @DNMarket
  • Future Tweets as you can probably guess, allows you to store tweets to be posted automatically at a later date.  Great when you can’t manage to Tweet a certain day, you can have some stored.  Also good for repeating important tweets on a schedule.
  • Twitter Search is the entire twitterverse at your fingertips. Especially important to use if you’re not using TweetDeck.  Use advanced searches to find the latest news and updates as they happen, find people with similar interests, follow hash tags and most importantly keep track of people who mention your name.

Friends and Followers can be tough to manage and sometimes overwhelming.  These great apps will help you manage new and old followers and keep your audience growing.

  • Twitoria helps you find people you are following that have not updated in a long time.  Sometimes its beneficial to clean your following list of people who are inactive.
  • Friend Or Follow is an excellent tool that quickly shows you who you are following but is not following back and vice versa people following you that you are not following.  This can be an alternative to getting massive amounts of email alerts for new followers.
  • Twimailer is a new service that replaces the generic”New Follower” email Twitter automatically sends you with an enhanced email message featuring the new followers description, URL and their latest tweets.  Saves time and sanity.
  • Nearby Tweets enhances Twitter with a local people search!  Simply type in your city and a keyword if you like to find people in your area.

Twitter Directories can be an excellent way to find new followers and in turn get followed by lots of people with the same interests as you.  These are the best of the best twitter directories:

  • We Follow (Example: WeFollow.com/tag/domains) is a new but popular directory.  Simply send a tweet to @WeFollow with up to three hash tags like #seo #blogger #domains etc.
  • Twellow is the self proclaimed Twitter Yellow Pages, featuring an index of over 2 million Twitter profiles.  Sign up to be able to edit your Twellow profile, connect it with other social networks and choose what categories your profile is featured in.

Blog or Website Enhancements let you connect your website with Twitter which encourage your website visitors and blog readers to connect and engage with you on Twitter.

  • Twitter Tools is the most widely used WordPress plugin for including your Twitter stream into your WordPress powered website and more importantly this plugin sends a Twitter update anytime you write a new post.
  • WP Greet Box is another essential plugin which can display a customized message to a visitor based on what website they came from.  So, if a person finds your website from Twitter you can display a short message thanking them and encouraging a ReTweet or a follow.
  • TweetBacks, by WordPress guru Joost de Valk, brings more interactivity to your articles by feeding Twitter responses right to the comments area of each of your posts.

Twitter Forum Community would be good for discussing the latest news about our favorite service, Twitter.

  • The Twitter Forum at TweetSocial is a new Twitter community project of mine.  Go beyond 140 character discussions with open topics about Twitter apps, Twitter tips, news, marketing, resources and more.

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