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Pricing Your Domains for Sale With Confidence

By on November 28, 2007

I was inspired by this article at ProfitBaron about product pricing online. Here are some example pricing strategies for domain names.

What do your prices say about your domain names for sale?

Read below for some suggestions and tips for pricing your domains for sale.

Dot Com Bomb

Selling an $8 domain name!

You’re saying, “I have a domain name that is not valuable and I don’t really want it.” This is an attempt to get your registration fee (domain investment) back. Destined to expire.

Selling a $25 domain name!

You’re saying, “This domain has moderate value to me but I would like to get it off my hands and double my money. Good luck reselling this name for more.” A good price for flipping a hand registration at a surprisingly big profit percentage.

Selling a $50 domain name!

You’re saying, “I may have planned on using this domain name for my own project. This domain has good potential for an end user or earns a little revenue of some kind.” If this domain provides a benefit to the buyer in any way, they will probably be willing to pay.

Selling a $100 domain name!

Be careful with this one. What you should be saying, “My domain has premium letters and a clearly defined purpose.” What you could be saying, “I don’t really want to sell this domain right now so I’m just pricing it high or it could be that I really don’t know how much this domain is worth.” Probably less.

Selling a $1000 domain name!

You’re saying, “Premium domain for sale!” If you have done your research and have a premium domain. Take note, premium domains come in many different forms; LLL’s, sweet LLLL’s (4 letter domains), generic terms, prime keywords, profitable industries and brand names to name a few. Try to market your premium domains to end users or place them in publicized auctions to get the most out of your investment.

Take these recommendations with a grain of salt, they are merely my reflections from my experience in domain sales. I can say that I own premium domain names, but I have not sold one yet. I personally like to sell the majority of my domain names for $35, please view prices at my portfolio of domains for sale. I would love to hear your comments/critiques regarding my pricing tips.


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