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PremiumDrops Hack: Sneak a Peek at Older Expired Domain Lists

By on October 8, 2008

PremiumDrops.com is the premier expired domain name research tool.  Featuring tons of domain valuation metrics, advanced filtering and lots of other great features.  This service is a must have for all domainers and costs just $24.95 per month.

I know many of my readers are PremiumDrops subscribers already, so I would like to share a little tip that I use quite often for browsing older expired domain lists that are hidden to users.


When searching available or expiring soon domain lists, PremiumDrops only allows you to look at the past 6 days of data.  Why they do this is a mystery to me, possibly to conserve server resources.

To bypass this limit, navigate on to a regular available, pending delete or expiring soon list and your URL will look something like this…


By simply editing the date within the URL of a current drop list page you can go back almost a month before the data disappears.  Enjoy!


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