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Premium LLLL.com Value Rises 101% In Less Three Weeks

By on January 5, 2008

Thanks to Dominik for pointing me to the new LLLL price guide published by Reece Berg. Reece is an LLLL investor with a portfolio of over 1800 domains, he is also a moderator at the NamePros community. His last price guide was published on December 18th.

[ January 2008 LLLL.com Price Guide ]

DotSauce reported on November 2nd that a price increase was bound to happen after all four letter .com were registered. There is quite alot of interesting information to review in the LLLL.com price guide. If you have some 4 letter domains I definitely suggest you review the report for information on pricing your domains.

LLLL Values Are Up

Domains with four premium letters increased in value by 101% with an average sale price of $303 up from $151 on Dec. 18th. Here are some examples of these types of names: CGLP.com, VYYY.com, GCBL.com, PDOP.com, UJIL.com, EDIJ.com, LSAL.com, HMCT, PPRD.com.

The minimum wholesale price for LLLL domains averaged $14. Regardless of quality of letters, registering any LLLL.com domain that expires can net you at least 200% profit! According to the report, if you’re looking to invest some money into four letter domains, the best deals can be found at NamePros, eBay, and TDNAM.

Summary of LLLL.com Sales

Sales under $150.00 represented 15.7% of LLLL.com spending, bringing in $39,965 out of $255,053 reportedly spent on LLLL.coms in December. …there were 228 sales over $150, largely dominated by quad premiums, CVCV’s and VCVC’s. These 228 sales brought in $224,288.50 for an average of $983.72 (each). Median price in the $150+ category was $309.50.

Total of $255,053 spent on LLLL.com domains in December.

Interesting Exclusions

These notable LLLL domain sales were excluded from the report so they would not skew data.

  • XIAN.com fetched $40,000. It is the name of a city in China.
  • VSIA.com, a typo of VISA sold for $10,000.

Ever think about using an LLLL.com as a vanity license plate? :)


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