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Porn.com Sells for Over $9.5 Million

By on May 16, 2007

The domain auction giant Moniker.com announced on Tuesday that it has brokered the sale of Porn.com to MXN Limited for over $9.5 Million, exact details of the sale were not disclosed. This is the largest all cash domain transaction to date, trumped only by the 2005 sale of Sex.com for $12 Million in cash and stocks.

DomainTools informs us that at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C West Live Auction in March, Porn.com attracted a bid close to $7.5 million but did not meet the owner’s reserve. “It failed to sell because it was in a wholesale environment with mostly domainers.”

Porn.com is one of the highest type-in traffic domains in the adult industry. MXN Limited has been quoted stating that they are going to take their time in development of the domain to capitalize on the best way to monetize it as an adult portal. “The possibilities with PORN.COM are limitless,” says MXN Limited. “To rush its development just to get something brand new ‘live’ would be foolish. We will carefully evaluate our options before we decide the direction we wish to take it”.

High-profile sales for the week include the following names as reported by DNJournal.

  • Porn.com – $9.5 million
  • InstantApprovals.com – $60,000
  • SaleByOwners.com – $50,000
  • Wi.fi – $37,500
  • BeautyMark.com – $32,000
  • MobileLove.com – $30,445
  • MyOrder.com – $27,050

MyOrder.net also sold this week for $2,800 at Snapnames, which leads us to speculate that the market values .COM at x10 multiple.


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