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Poll: What is Your Average Domain Sales Price?

By on April 20, 2009

Poll questions are back! I always enjoy sharing domain name related polls and have been doing so every now and then on Twitter.  In the past I published regular poll questions on DotSauce, but somehow that feature was forgotten.

Well I’ve updated my fancy WP-Polls plugin and will now begin sharing more domain and development related questions for you to answer anonymously.

Some people may sell tons of domains at low prices while others sell a select few valuable domains, potentially to end users.

This latest poll has to do with domain sales revenue. I would like to get an idea of the readership and see what types of sales they are making.  This can help me write targeted articles as techniques can be different for certain sales.

About what sales price do you receive, on average, for each domain name you sell?

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Thanks for taking a moment to answer.  Drop back by later to see the results.

Feel free to discuss your answer or the results in the comments below.


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