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Poll: Have You Sold Domain Names via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn?

By on April 26, 2010

The results are in from last week’s poll and it’s clear to see that many of you are buying hundreds of domains this year.

This week I would like to see if any significant number of domainers are taking advantage of social media to market their domain names for sale.

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Have you used social networks to successfully market domain names for sale? (Select all that apply)

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Domain Sales on Facebook

Last year, I setup the Domain Name Marketplace group on Facebook (shown below). It has since grown to over 650 members with sales being posted almost daily. Admittedly, I have not taken advantage of my own resource enough to say that I have sold any domains via Facebook.

I think there is potential in this space and will be picking up my efforts soon. I would be interested to hear from others who have had success with promotions on Facebook pages, groups or your own profile.

Domain Sales on LinkedIn

In my limited experience with LinkedIn I have made many connections to professionals in the domain and web development industries. I have also joined several groups focused on Domaining.

A handful of LinkedIn domain name groups are relatively active and have discussion forums where you can list domains for sale. The one time I did make a listing I had someone contact me a few weeks later interested in buying a name. So, as with Facebook, I think LinkedIn can be a good opportunity to market domains for sale.

Domain Sales on Twitter

I’ve had surprising results advertising domain names for sale on Twitter @DotSauce and @AQDN.  Occasionally I will tweet a single domain name, my asking price and link to more info/purchase. In several cases the domains have sold in just minutes!

You can advertise your domain names for sale freely on Twitter by becoming a verified seller on @DNMarket (shown above).

There are several factors that may determine success in marketing on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; the most notable being your following, friends and connections. You also have to consider the frequency, timing, wording and performance of your sales promotions.

I’m looking forward to the results of this poll. Regardless if the number of responses is large or small, it will likely encourage me to write about some advanced social marketing techniques in upcoming articles.


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