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Poll: How Do You Define A Quality Domain Name?

By on April 27, 2011

Premium, Generic, and Quality are all popular domaining terms that investors should be well accustomed and have likely been frustrated with at some point. It seems just about every newcomer has a handful or even an entire portfolio of “premium” domains that end up being almost worthless. Because of this overuse, the allure of the term has been diluted as buyers are forced to filter out the noise.

Generic domains, which you would think would be fairly obvious to define, have come under the same pitfalls as people confuse the term with long-tail domains, made up phrases, even brand names.

I believe Quality is not as easy to boast about.

When appraising whether or not a domain is high quality, you essentially need to decide if it is desirable and valuable or not. We take in to account whatever metrics and analytics are available at the time of research and make a judgement call. Quality requires an explanation.

How Do You Define A Quality Domain Name?

Please select all the most important factors you use when researching domain names for quality. Yep, you can select as many or as little answers as you like. I’ve purposely left out domain age because it can’t exactly be linked to quality.

What elements are most important when defining a quality domain name?

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