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Poll: Domain Parking Revenue Predictions

By on March 24, 2008

Domain Parking is arguably the most controversial topic discussed by domainers and no doubt the most questioned and curious aspect of domaining from those not involved in our industry.

What does the future hold for domain parking?

I have listened to highly respected domainers offer their opinions and no one person really agrees. We can’t predict what the future holds, especially when life-blood companies like Google are making decisions which can impact parking and government officials are trying to pass legislation like the Snowe “Anti-Phishing” Bill which threatens our privacy and legitimate domain ownership.

Tim Shumacher, CEO of Sedo.com says…
“…over time parking will continue to trend upwards as parking results become more sophisticated, transparent and measurable. Parking may evolve and have a different name in the future, but it will be the same concept as it is a very legitimate and lucrative use of a domain name.”

David Castello of CCIN says…
“Domain name development will continue to be the most important trend for domainers. In the past, parking was considered the end game for most domain names. Now, it is being seen as a temporary first step to monetizing a name before it is developed.”

Make your prediction in this week’s poll…

What do you think overall PPC parking revenue will be at the end of 2008?

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Thanks for your response and please feel free to provide additional insight through the comments area below.


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