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Poll: How Many Domain Names Are You Buying This Year?

By on April 18, 2010

I’m sure most of us wish we had unlimited time and money to research and register valuable domains all day, everyday.  Unfortunately, this is not a reality for many domainers who may be juggling their domain sales with the responsibilities of running an online business or two.

This poll was created to get a brief glimpse of the market and see what volume of domains DotSauce readers are investing in this year.

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How many domain names do you expect to buy or register during the remainder of 2010? (The next 8 months)

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Get A Move On…

Hopefully the domain buying activity shown in this poll will motivate myself and others to start up a regular domain research schedule.

Personally, domain purchases tend to come in waves. When inventory is low and or whenever I get paid I will invest in a new round of quality domains usually for resale or long-term holding, but surely not as often as I would like.

My AQDN.com domain marketplace is overly due for new inventory, so I am presently working on adding new listings.

Thank you for participating! Check back later to view the results.


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