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Pligg 1.0 Launched – A Social CMS with Great Geo Domain Potential

By on February 1, 2009

I just received word that Pligg, an open-source content management system (CMS), has just released a major version update.

pligg_logo.gifYou may be familiar with domain news aggregator DNHour.com which uses the original version. DotSauce also featured Pligg as one of 10 Outstanding Scripts for Developing Domains.

Pligg can be compared to sites like Digg or Mixx in that users submit links to news and media for other users to vote and comment on.  However, the developers seem to want to get away from the stigma that Pligg is just another link farm.

Learning New Tricks & Squashing Bad Habits

With the release of Pligg 1.0 you will find more social features, custom page creation, and a whole suite of modules developed by the creators and I’m sure the Pligg community will be contributing additional modules soon.

One of the biggest problems with the original Pligg was the massive amounts of spam submissions.  Fortunately, new Pligg modules Blackball and Scarecrow v.01 claim to “Trap, Block, Poison, and Punish Bad Bots.”

Could Pligg Work for Geo Domains?

On the Pligg homepage, a beautiful example site is featured prominently called DCVacationSource.com – Best Washington, DC Attractions. Yes, we know this isn’t the greatest name, but the way they are using the new Pligg CMS is quite visually appeasing, user friendly and extremely promising as a geo domain hub.


Instead of allowing open submissions of content, the DC Vacation Source site owners have listed specific restaurants, hotels and attractions where users can comment, rate and review!

Yes, other software is capable of these actions, but Pligg is handling it quite nicely with the added benefit of social features for members and, of course, Pligg is free!

Would love to hear if you give Pligg a try!  Please leave a comment below.


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